Australian designed electro-hydraulic
Crane Loading Deck

Australian engineered and manufactured.

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Simple Operation

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Australian engineered and manufactured.

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Fast, Simple, Safe, Single Person, Fatigue-Free Operation of Crane Loading Decks

Transforming material handling

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Fitted for Purpose

The HLD "Hydraulic Crane Loading Deck" Series are purpose built to change the material handling and internal fit-out process on construction sites.

Unique Electro-Hydraulic Platform Extension / Retraction

The purpose built electro-hydraulic cylinder extension / retraction module allows the Crane Loading Deck to be extended and retracted. They are fully automatic and can be full loaded in less than 60 seconds.

Locally Built

All Crane Loading Decks are designed, engineered and built in Australia to the highest quality and to last in the harsh and demanding environment of the construction industry.

Innovations that last

Our best advertisements and references are Crane Loading Decks in Operation. Our HLD2200 Decks fit perfectly between 2 standard scaffold bays not compromising valuable work area.


HDL2200 - Induction Video

For a detailed information on the advantages, designed usage, and how-to operate the HDL2200 electro-hydraulic Crane Loading Deck watch the induction video.

HDL2200 - Safety Video

A feature of the HDL2200 electro-hydraulic Crane Loading Deck is that the end gates can be opened to allow the placement and handling of "oversize" and longer loads. Before this operation can commence the Safety Induction Video must be watched by the crane deck operator.

At Active Crane Hire - "You're in Good Hands"

So we can provide you with the best possible advice and support please contact us for any queries you might have in relation to our exciting electro-hydraulic Crane Loading Deck. We provide all services from deck location advice to deck installation / dismantling and relocation.

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An 8.36 metre extended platform and 5 tonne loading capacity.

The HLD 2200 is designed to fit between a standard scaffold bay. The Deck provides you a 4.500mm extension position (position 1), which has a “Tip Load” of 2.000kg or an evenly distributed load of 5.000kg. Fully extended to 5.250mm (position 2) the “Tip Load” reduces to 1.000kg or 2.500kg evenly distributed. To offer full installation flexibility there are provisions for 3 alternate propping locations. In addition a “Non-Propping” & “Bolting through Floor” option is available. The Deck can be extended / retracted fully loaded within 60 seconds. The electrical power supply required is standard 240V (10Amp).

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